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Navigating Rent Increases

Whether you're a landlord looking to maintain your investment's profitability or a tenant

nt searching for a worry-free home, understanding rent increase rules is key. This guide clarifies the regulations surrounding rent increases with Flemings Property Services Property Management, ensuring transparency and a seamless relationship between landlords and tenants.

The costs of buying property

“By Paul Goldsmith of Highlands Funding”

When taking out a mortgage, many people forget to consider the associated fees and expenses. Here are some of the extra costs that you’ll need to consider when you take out a home loan. Whether these costs are payable depends on your lender, so you should always check or…

NSW Stamp Duty Reform Update

“By Paul Goldsmith of Highlands Funding”

The NSW Government has released their latest update to the stamp duty reform proposal. As part of the update they articulate the key drivers of the reform as well as outlining proposed calculations. Boosting Home Ownership ‘Since 1990, NSW average earnings have trebled, average house prices have increased around…