Company Profile

Our team at Flemings are focused on delivering excellent service in an honest, reliable, genuine and efficient manner. Our team, of comprising five offices across Boorowa, Young, Harden, Cootamundra and Cowra, have the knowledge and expertise to deliver great results.  

Our mission encapsulates professionalism, genuine service and hard work. 

Flemings started out as Andrew Mitchell Real Estate in 2000 and has grown and evolved over the years since then to be the leading Real Estate Agency in the district. Notably, in 2021, Flemings purchased Norton Realty Young, expanding our real estate operations in the region.

Over more than 20 years this company has been passionate about not only real estate but also about the communities in which we operate. 

The Flemings team is made up of very good and hardworking people who conduct themselves honestly. 

We are focused on offering excellent service to all walks of life and every vendor, landlord, tenant, buyer and tradesperson are treated with equal care and respect. The people who work here fulfil their roles wholeheartedly. 

Our staff are well trained and because of this, they are given the freedom to take charge of their responsibilities and in return are expected to perform to a high level. 

At Flemings we work as a team, we support each other, we don’t settle for second best and we roll up our sleeves when we need to. No aspect of the industry or the business is below any of us.

Purpose, Values, Vision.

A Purpose, Values, and Vision (PVV) statement is a concise and clear articulation of the Flemings Property Services’ guiding principles.

Creating a sense of direction, focus, and alignment.

Our PVV statement helps to establish a shared understanding among all, about why we are here, what we stand for, and where we are headed, serving as a foundation for strategic planning, decision-making, and goal-setting.