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The NSW state parliament has given the go ahead on a move that is expected to increase homeownership rates in NSW. From January 16th, 2023, we will see a major change to the way stamp duty if applied, known as the First Home Buyer Choice Bill.

By Chris Ryan of Flemings Property Services

If you are considering a 2023 new year sale, it is a great time to get ahead and prepare your home before the busyness of another year starts up again.

Given we are in the warmer months, the new year is all about exhibiting your home’s summer living attributes, along with ensuring the standard home preparation fundamentals are met.

By Nick Duff of Flemings Property Services

When taking out a mortgage, many people forget to consider the associated fees and expenses. Here are some of the extra costs that you’ll need to consider when you take out a home loan. 

By Paul Goldsmith of Highlands Funding